Future guests of Bulgarian famous ski resort Bansko surely will expect their vacation even more after they find out about the following event. It is not yet the season for skiing but it is always time for adrenaline and adventure. Every year in the late autumn the resort is hosting a film festival, different from any other you will visit.  It is well known that the nature of Bansko, Bulgaria will impress everyone that comes over for a weekend or longer. But the program of the Bansko Film Festival will rise even bigger interest.

Film fest in Bansko ski resort

Organized by the municipality of the resort, the event is strongly connected with the sports practised in the area. It is at the same time educational and entertaining. From 22 till 26 of November Bansko ski resort will welcome participants from over thirty countries and four different continents. The best part is that the event can offer free entrance for everyone. So it is not necessary to skip the mountain hiking or the mаssage at the Spa centre to go and see one great movie. Arranging a program is easy when the period is full of events and adventure.

Once you have delicious breakfast at your luxury hotel, because Bansko ski resort can offer many of them, you can head straight to the cultural centre named after the Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov. This is the spot where Bansko Film Fest 2017 will take place. During the five days of the event, visitors can enjoy numerous projections, revealing the history of the skiing, snowboarding and the great careers in winter sports. Foreign and local tourists who also will love the chance for Bansko holidays will get information for lives and achievements of legendary Bulgarian adventurers like Nikola Korchev.

The lunch full of traditional meals at Bansko, Bulgaria can be followed by short rest and enjoying the view from the window of your room. Then it is time for some of the accompanying events like displays. Twelve are planned to welcome those who will visit during the six days of the festival.

In case you are not the just-looking type, you will have the chance to take part in multiple interactive events. When tired of Bansko holidays usual activities like skiing, for example, tourists will love to sign in some of the workshops. Climbing and diving can be a great experience you can try there.

Opposite of what you may conclude Bansko Film Fest 2017 is not only for adults. The program of the event has a great part for the kids. The organizing team of the festival planned to have a special block called like you may already guess – BanskoFilmFestKids. Over three hundred and fifty children from the region worked hard to entertain their small guests from all over the world. A tourist who has come with their children will love the activities, planned to be out in the open space. Taking part in the displays or give the best of your skills at the workshops – both good enough.

Any good job has to be celebrated with a massive party. Make sure you and your company are present there mixing as they are part of the Bansko Film Fest 2017.

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