summer holidays in bulgaria attracts millions of tourists every year

The Iron Curtain is no more for nearly three decades and thousands of people that the travel to Eastern Europe turns out to be an amazing adventure.

While the Soviet Era buildings in the residential areas of the cities still remind the outsiders about one more bleak past, the present allows everyone to touch the wonders of Bulgaria, or Romania, or Ukraine during the summer holidays. Former Yugoslav republics like Croatia or Montenegro were easier to reach during the Cold War since the dissolved country was not a real Eastern bloc player even if the Socialist party rule over. But enough with the politics – it’s time for a vacation, isn’t it?

Go East? Give me one reason to head that way

summer holidays in bulgariaEasy one. It’s cheap. Actually, if on the list of Balkan Holidays Bulgaria makes the top of choices, this is probably the main explanation. That small country welcomes everybody with the affordable price for summer holidays even compared to the other from the Eastern European list ( ). Thousands of British tourists are well aware of that fact now having the experience of the beach summer holidays Bulgaria becomes increasingly popular about. Sunny Beach and Golden Sands attract the western visitors like magnets because one week stay at this resorts cost 4-5 times less than booking a room on the coastline of France or Italy.

The trip to Bulgaria requires a significantly smaller budget than Croatia holidays. Comparing the beach vacation on the eastern and the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula head to head gives the clear picture. While Croatia beach holidays are still more popular thanks to the Dubrovnik glamour and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, the 3-star all-inclusive stay will cost 30 to 50 percent more than booking a similar suit for summer holidays in Bulgaria. Spending about 300 GBP per person for a week – or even a smaller amount of money – worth the try.


What more can you find except for the great price?

Nature. Breathtaking views and unexpected journeys. Choose the country for the summer holidays – Bulgaria welcomes you to some amazing places. No, it’s not the suburbs of the bigger cities we talk about or some overly built resorts on the Black Sea – there are such areas, indeed. Checking through the options on the list of Balkan Holidays Bulgaria stands out with the ease of access to great destinations outside the busy towns. It is available even if you are on a beach vacation – the Balkan mountain touches the Black Sea and its easternmost hills stand only 10-15 km away from resorts like Sunny Beach or Nessebar. Booking the southernmost towns and villages on the Bulgarian coastline opens up the opportunity for a trip around the picturesque Strandzha mountain.

holidays to bulgaria in the summerBut actually, the greatest number of natural objects in Bulgaria are to be found on the western part of the state. But who says that it’s mandatory to spend the summer holidays on the beach? Actually, many local people love to stay at the mountain during the hottest season to enjoy the beauties of Rila, or Pirin, or Rhodopes. One particular reason for the summer holidays Bulgaria stands out amongst the regional competition is the opportunity to step on the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula. If you thought that Olympus is the highest mountain in the Balkans – you have guessed it wrong. It is Musala located in Rila range and it stays 2925 meters above the sea level – actually, only nine meters higher than the Greek mountain of the Gods.

Beach & City touring mix in Bulgaria – is it possible?

Of course, it is. Two of the four biggest cities in Bulgaria, Varna, and Bourgas, lie on the Black Sea coast. These the respective airports you need to book a flight to for beach summer holidays in Bulgaria. Find a plane to Varna if you plan to stay at Golden Sands or Albena, or any resort in the northern part of the coastline. Bourgas is the hub for flights bringing visitors to resorts like Sunny Beach, St. Vlas, Nessebar, and Sozopol. The cities worth the tour. Varna has a great venue for fun – the Dolphinarium. Bourgas has a nice seaside park (as well as Varna).

But we have to admit that Croatia beach holidays have an advantage because you can visit amazing cities like Split and Dubrovnik. The most charming cities during the Balkan holidays Bulgaria is ready to show to you are located at least two or even three hours away from the sea. Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo are favorites of both local and foreign travelers but you have to leave the beach for a day or two to visit these places with great history and unique atmosphere.

visit sofia, bulgaria in the summerSofia also worth the visit with dozens of interesting objects and places to see and visit. But the capital of the country is situated even further away from the Black Sea – 350 km is the closest distance. Croatia holidays combined with the tour in the main city has some advantage here too – Zagreb is about 170 km from the Adriatic Sea in the region of Rijeka. But if you want to reach from the Croatian capital to Split or Dubrovnik, you will need to travel longer than from Sofia to Bourgas in the usual scenario.


Who wins for the Eastern European summer holidays – Bulgaria or Croatia?

A tough one. Among most of the options for Balkan holidays, Bulgaria is more affordable. Probably only Albania is cheaper in the region. On the other hand, Croatia is considered more colorful and diverse. And the country is also closer to Western Europe, both in geography and mentality. But you can reach either country with a flight lasting not more than three hours. And it is even possible to try summer holidays in Bulgaria and Croatia in the same year if you have at least a half month for such vacation. You will need the money too but not as much as you need to spend combining Spain and France, to name some Western European examples.

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