golf around Varna

Having already made up your mind to spend the summer holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands represents one of the greatest options you should consider in the list of Black Sea resorts. The place indeed deserves the signature alias brought the international recognition to it thanks to the marvelous, 5 miles long beach. Add to this that in Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels provide inexpensive accommodation – easy to be checked and booked with one of the top tour operators for summer holidays in Bulgaria – Balkan Holidays. Except for the wonderful Golden Sands beach and the cheap rooms the resort score more points for a variety of reason. The opportunity to visit the four astonishing places listed below turn out to be some unexpected bonus.

Golden Sands Park: A few steps away

No error – there is a natural park bearing the same name and lying no further than the other side of the road. Actually, it was that area being dubbed Golden Sands first and in 2018 comes the time for the 75th-anniversary celebration since it was proclaimed special and protected territory. During your holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands, you might climb to the heights of the area and it will give you the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Golden Sands beach from above.

Varna: Meet the dolphins

Not only the main option as a transportation hub from the airport but also the biggest Bulgarian city on the sea. The central area around the cathedral and the seaside gardens are among the areas to explore by foot. Visiting Varna with children, you should not miss to stop and enjoy the Dolphinarium – and you can even take a picture with the dolphins.

Balchik: Enter the palace

In Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels are situated about a half-hour away from a real royal residence – and actually a Romanian one. It can be found in the town of Balchik which was under the rule of state’s northern neighbor for more than two decades and the Romanian queen fell in love with the place so much she decided to build herself a palace. It’s still there and Balchik also has a beautiful botanic garden – a must-see sight too.

Kaliakra: What about a golf game?

Little further in the north after Balchik, you will find Cape Kaliakra. Except for the gorgeous nature there being a golfer you will be pleased to find one of the best courses designed for the game in Bulgaria. The drive to the place takes about an hour from Golden Sands beach.

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